Leveraging our expertise in the fight against cancer

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Research & Development, and infrastructure

NURA focuses on dedicated research that increases the understanding of the fundamental mechanisms of therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals. These insights are crucial in the development of more efficient and safer cancer therapies. The aim is to target tumors specifically and to reduce considerably both short-term and long-term side-effects.

SCK•CEN has extensive knowledge, needed skills and unique infrastructure – thus all necessary assets in hand – to perform these studies. Therefore, SCK•CEN is pooling the knowhow of different departments (e.g. MYRRHA, BR2, radiobiology, dosimetry and radiochemistry) in order to strengthen its leading expertise. Each department contributes in a different way:

  • Radiobiology
  • Risk assessment of ionizing radiation
  • Dosimetry
    Quantification and characterization of ionizing radiation doses
  • Radiochemistry
    Production optimisation of radioisotopes and radiopharmaceuticals

Not only cross-disciplinary cooperation is important, an appropriate infrastructure is crucial too. With BR2 and – in the future – MYRRHA, SCK•CEN has the access to powerful and flexibel irradiation sources playing an instrumental role in the production and development of today's and tomorrow's radioisotopes.

The R&D activities also open opportunities for innovative and fruitful collaborations between actors at different levels (academic, industrial, research) creating an added value for society, while accelerating nuclear medicine in Belgium and beyond.