Leveraging our expertise in the fight against cancer

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Contract Research Organization

As a ‘Contract Research Organization (CRO)’, NURA will support clinical and pharmaceutical partners in the research into and development of promising radiopharmaceuticals for therapeutic purposes. SCK•CEN focuses on all stages prior to clinical trials and, as such, offer support in the first phases of the development chain.

Our contract research services are based on four key areas: radiolabeling, dosimetry analysis, radiobiology analysis and therapeutic agent validation. 

  1. Radiolabeling
    Isotope production, separation, radiolabeling and analytics
  2. Dosimetry analysis
    Quantification and characterization, calibration and methodology development
  3. Radiobiology analysis
    In vitro, in vivo and ex vivo toxicology, pharmacokinetic and phamacodynamc studies
  4. Therapeutic agent validation
    Assessment of the mechanistic effects, optimization of efficiency and minimization of side effects.