Leveraging our expertise in the fight against cancer

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Contract Manufacturing Organization

As a ‘Contract Manufacturing Organisation (CMO)’, SCK•CEN has the ambition to become a stable supplier of therapeutic isotopes. Being able to execute each production stage in-house, SCK•CEN offers its clinical partners and pharmaceutical companies a guaranteed superior quality of the development process.

SCK•CEN focuses in a first stage on the production of 177Lu and in a later stage on 225Ac. To bring GMP 177Lu to an expanding market, SCK•CEN is collaborating with IRE EliT and Global Morpho Pharma. They use each others competences, quality and regulatory organisations and infrastructure. SCK•CEN has extensive knowhow and unique infrastructures in the nuclear field. IRE ELiT put their weight on the scales by making available their outstanding expertise in the radiopharmaceutical sector. Global Morpho Pharma have the necessary expertise and network to reach the market.